Top 7 Hottest WAGS Of Man City Players

Man City are still challenging for the Premier League title and would be needing all the support from these beautiful WAGS to keep them going. So for your pleasure, kick back and enjoy.

7. Glaucia Roza.
Fernandinho with his wife and son
We kick off with Fernando Luiz Roza’s wife, don’t know him? Well, that is actually Fernandinho. Fernandinho has been married to this beautiful lady for 10 years and have a son together.

The pair were together first in Brazil before the midfielder’s career saw him leave to come to Europe. The industrious midfielder has also has his wife’s name tatted across his wrist.

6. Paige Milian.

At number six, is stunning model Paige Milian who is the currently dating Raheem Sterling. The young teens have been dating since last year and have been pictured frequently spending quality time with themselves on vacations.
Milian who works with popular clothing brands such as Vita de Lusso was present when Sterling was awarded Young Player of the Year for Liverpool.

Did we mention she is an Arsenal fan? I wonder how that works out but as they say, love conquers all.

5. Charlene Suric.

Charlene is the spouse of Man City’s left back Gael Clichy. The pair have been together for quite a long time since the French man’s days at Arsenal.

Charelene has done promotional photos and videos for Umbro wears so it is fair to say she is a model too. Not much can be said about her, so I am guessing she likes to keep it private leaving her husband having all the limelight.

4. Carla Kompany.
The epitome of the classy WAG and similar comparison could be drawn with NBA superstar’s WAG, Steph Curry’s Ayeesha Curry. Carla is the wife of Man City’s captain Vincent Kompany. The couple got married in 2011 and have two kids together. 

Carla grew up in the Manchester area and is a long time Man City fan, imagine having her being on the Red side of Manchester?

 The 31 year old journalist was once turned down by a store to purchase wine because the shop attendant thought she was underage. Perfect irony of  wine and Carla being the two things that get finer with increase in age

3. Anara Atanes.
The beautiful model girlfriend of Samir Nasri finds herself here at number 5 even though it is rumored or confirmed that the pair are no longer together.

Atanes was not shy of supporting her man after the player was left out of the squad for Euro 2012 tweeting expletives at the French National Team and Head Coach Didier Deschamps.

She was glad however to have her man by her side for the two months the tournament ran letting the world know through twitter how happy she was.

2. Ludivine Kadri Sagna.

The wife of right back Bacary Sagna. This sizzling hot looking woman is a mother of two who manages the family as well as being a TV host.

Her beach body photos are without error and when she goes on purpose in front of the camera she is drop dead gorgeous with no flaws to pick out on. She is seen frequently during the French national games and in racy photo with her man, Bacary.

1. Evangelina Anderson

Wife of Martin Demichelis. The former playboy model finds herself automatically in our number one spot with her numerous titillating photos online.

The Argentine defender has been with Anderson since 2007 and recently tied the knot in 2015 with the couple having two kids already. 

Anderson is not just an ex-playboy model, the WAG is also an actress and a dancer gaining grounds and becoming a popular name on Chilean Television. 

With so many errors from Demi, one can only imagine that his wife’s banging body is the cause of his defensive lapses.

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