Bruna Marquezine is getting more and more daring in the necklines; remember

For those who follow the trajectory as an actress and public figure of Bruna Marquezine can easily perceive the maturation of the young woman of 21 years.

If before Bruna could not lose the image of girl by its personages mirins, at the moment it was detached of the infantile figure and it blossomed its profile mujerGirlfriend of Neymar Jr., the actress seems to like investing in the visual that values ​​her curves and, especially, the necklines.

At the end of 2016, Marquezine drew sighs with his ultradecote during the year-end party of the show commanded by Luciano Huck. Several photos of the actress during the celebration began to circulate on the Internet and even Luciano Huck released photos of the look of Bruna.

After the bustle with the look, Bruna proved that she is not a fan of slits only at public events. She shared a click next to Neymar, to honour him on his birthday on Sunday (4), and drew attention to the low-cut look.
At fashion events it has almost become a certainty that the actress will be seen with her lush "V" necklines. In 2015, the pictures of Bruna in a red blouse surprised everyone.

 On another occasion, Marquezine honored a party and used a crack almost to the navel.The look had everything to be a "basic black", but the beauty of Bruna made it more special.

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