The NPC's Hottest Bikini Fitness Model?

22-year-old Josefine Achen is a bikini fitness athlete, personal trainer in Dubai and dietician. Throughout her life she has been a passionate sportswoman, practising sports at the elite level from the age of 10. Initially this meant basketball, but at the age of 18 her interest changed and, ever since, she has concentrated on fitness and weight training.

Josefine has enormous potential. In spring 2016, she won the gold medal in the Newcomers class, and the silver medal in the Danish Open. In early October 2016, Josefine was a finalist in the Danish Championships, and that same month won the silver medal at the Nordic Championships. She also represented Denmark at the 2016 World Championships. In other words, this marks the launch of a promising international career.

In her work as a personal trainer, Josefine believes very much in meeting clients on their own terms: whether this involves an introduction to the fitness environment, weight loss or a healthier lifestyle, or helping est…

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