Swedish Fitness Model Carolina Johansson

Swedish Fitness Model Carolina Johansson

My name is Carolina Helny Maria Elisabet Johansson but called for FitnessCarro, I am a fitnessbloggare and instagrammers who is 23 years old and lives in a small summer resort called Strängnäs together with my family and little baby.

I have stayed in Strängnäs, Stockholm and Berlin to then come back to my hometown Strängnäs again, I enjoy! The high city is something I’m missing, but I can see when I visit my friends. In Strängnäs, see my family, my job, and the GYM of course!

Health and fitness is a big part of my life and I spend many hours a week to train and prepare good food. The best thing I know is to lift heavy and push myself to become stronger. I work out differently in different periods, but the focus is always to become stronger. Since I was 16 years old I weight training at the gym but participated at the age of 22 before I knew what I had to do to achieve my goals and achieve development. It took years before I found balance and understood what fitness and health in fact was for real. Fitness is not to be so skinny and touted as possible, fitness and health should be an active life that you feel good both mentally and physically.

In the future I hope to be able to open his own gym so that I can motivate others to lead a healthier life, where fitness is something positive and gets to a weekday. I also have plans to create my own träningstight in the near future. The great dream is to one day make my own workout clothes. Workout clothes that make people feel fancy and that’s practical. I also want to be able to motivate people that they think they look pretty and feel comfortable when they’re at the gym. Usually it is just not practical sportswear and always so stylish. Clothing and fashion has always been my heart so it would have been absolutely fantastic to combine both fitness and my passion for fashion.

Swedish Fitness Model

Fitness Model Carolina Johansson

Swedish Fitness Carolina Johansson

Swedish Carolina Johansson

Girl Fitness Model Carolina Johansson

Swedish Fitness Motivation Carolina Johansson

Swedish Fit Girl Carolina Johansson

Body Fitness Model Carolina Johansson

Swedish Gym Carolina Johansson

Swedish Fitness

Swedish Fitness Model Carolina Johansson

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