Australian fitness blogger Madalin Giorgetta

Australian fitness blogger Madalin Giorgetta

A Social media star has taken to Instagram to unveil her jaw-dropping body transformation.

Personal trainer Madalin Giorgetta Frodsham proudly posted pictures of her toned body after piling on 4kgs in the last two years.

The online influencer, who boasts 358k followers, has transformed the size and shape of her bum by eating more calories and piling on the pounds.

On Instagram, Fitness Model Madalin Giorgetta shares his daily life and his tricks for having managed to muscle his body and stay slim, while chowing 1000 calories more per day than usual.

In general, when we start the project of losing weight, we think directly about changing these eating habits considerably. We drop everything that is greasy and sweet, and we swear by the healthy things, between salads and soy juice.

However, a 28-year-old Australian blogger, Madalin Giorgetta, showed that caloric deprivation was not necessarily the best way to have a firm body. Already thin, she did not seek to thinner than that but to muscle her body, make it more “fit”.

Instagram star Madalin Giorgetta posts a lot of selfies of her tight abs and toned legs. And when she’s not exercising or snapping photos, the fitness blogger cruises through other bloggers’ feeds, looking at their body shots. But when she realized seeing other people’s “perfect” photos was negatively impacting her own body image, she decided to show her followers that selfies are not always what they seem. Watch the video above to see the secrets to her transformation!

Australian fitness model Madalin Giorgetta

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Australian fitness Madalin Giorgetta

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