Best Female Fitness Models 2017

Best Female Fitness Models 2017

They chase improbable yoga positions and fitness prowess while reaping the likes of their thousands of fans.  Zoom on these fitness gurus who will make you love leggings squats and healthy juices.

Kayli Ann Phillips

Best Female Fitness Models 2017 Kayli Ann Phillips

The pretty Kayli Ann Phillips does not joke with crossfit training she is tireless and it succeeds rather well!

Kayli Ann Phillips is a 27 year old crossfit athlete from Northern California who seems to have Irish Filipino and German ties.  A hell of a mix!  She is 1.75m tall and weighs 61 kilos yet it’s a nice muscular-looking jig that pulls out of training.  Just watch it on the rings!

She does not count her calories but tries to stick to quality foods and still allows herself one to three cheat meals a week.  She can afford it!  She trains at home at work or in the gym and sports includes crossfit training to her other routines.  She even got used to recording her sessions.  Before her crossfit experience she was not an athlete.  It was a coach who initiated her to the sport then she got her Level 1 certificate and her life changed completely!

She trains 3 times a week but is able to train several trainings a day so it’s intensity.  Other days she sits no matter what and even gives herself a break of 4 days without sport every month to recover completely.  This is important because crossfit workouts are exhausting to the body and require to preserve one’s muscles.

Adrienne Koleszár

Best Female Fitness Models 2017 Adrienne Koleszár

Her name is Adrienne 31 and is German.  Policewoman by profession she became a real star in Germany where many men dream to be handcuffed by this beautiful creature.  Adrienne Koleszar is the Public Bomb of the day.

Adrienne Koleszar is a 31 year old German policewoman who had no reason to become famous.  It was without counting on the Instagram social network where Adrienne who has more than 240000 subscribers post photos of her during her fitness sessions.

Passionate about bodybuilding (she participated in the world bodybuilding championships last year) Adrienne has forged an athlete’s body that turns the heads of many men across the Rhine.  Originally from Dresden Adrienne is now a small celebrity all over Germany.  It seems that they are even numerous to commit crimes in the hope of being arrested by this pretty policewoman.  We understand them!

However that was not the goal.  Indeed at the New York Post she explained the clichés she posted on Instagram “are more for women to encourage them to play sports rather than men.”

Jaz Correll

Best Female Fitness Models 2017 Jaz Correll

Jaz Correll is an Australian fitness model, online coach, and bikini competitor. She’s admired for her year-round lean looks, especially her abs, legs, and glutes.

However, while Jaz has an impressive physique now, she wasn’t always healthy and fit. During her adolescence years, she struggled with eating too few calories, and looking skinny.

It wasn’t until Jaz found herself a nutrition coach, when her body started to change. With the help of her coach, and her own determination and discipline in the gym, she transformed her physique from top to bottom.

Jailyne Ojeda

Best Female Fitness Models 2017 Jailyne Ojeda

Is she real or not?
That’s how most people on the internet reacted when they saw the first photos that Jailyne Ojeda Ochoa posted on the network. Everyone was wondering if the curves shown by the American model were really real or Photoshop tricks. In a few days, hundreds of photos and videos posted, the question ended: Jailyne is really true, although his more than 6 million of followers on Instagram claim that the 20 year model is from another world!

Sophia Thiel

Best Female Fitness Models 2017 Sophia Thiel

Her transformation from pummeling to fitness model inspired thousands of young girls Sophia Thiel (22) became a role model for many young women.  In 2012 the pretty blonde had had enough of her bacon rolls and decided to take action against the extra pounds.  And the daily visit to the gym was worth it the “Biggest Loser” coach slimmed down 30 kilos.  Sophia closed a crackpopo and steel-hard abdominal muscles.


Best Female Fitness Models 2017 Cassie BadAssCassFit

Cassie (BadAssCassFit), an up-and-coming fitness model and fitness entrepreneur. Whether you end up getting inspired by the personalized training programs she offers or just the gym pictures she posts to her Instagram, Badass Cass (as she’s known) will definitely help you get your heart racing.


Best Female Fitness Models 2017 Tatiana USSA GIRARDI

Colombia gives us this beautiful woman full of sensational attributes and curves.  Her name is Tatiana Ussa Girardi a girl who loves fitness laughs and in addition is an architect who could well build the planes of your most desired fantasies.

We want to motivate your interest in sports and we are sure that with Tatiana at least you will want to pay your first month in the gym.

Ekaterina Shokhina

Best Female Fitness Models 2017 Ekaterina Shokhina

Ekaterina Shokhina is a fitness competitor, model, and Bikini Pro contender from Moscow Russia. She began exploring different avenues regarding weights at a youthful age, be that as it may, she wound up weightlifting during her college years.

Ekaterina entered the fitness industry once she saw Oli Putrova compete, At that point Ekaterina chosen to commit her whole life to fitness, alongside contending in swimming outfit appears. She found a mentor called Yvette Statsenko, who helped her get her ideal physique.

Ekaterina has since participated in a number of contests, including the Moscow Cup and the Olympia Amateur World Showdown, where she won her Pro Card.

Tessa Barresi

Best Female Fitness Models 2017 Tessa Barresi

Tessa Barresi, a teenager from Canada, has the muscles of steel. Everything is that the girl trains bodybuilding, avoids alcohol and does not party like colleagues.

It is rarely seen in teenagers, for whom the authority and unsurpassed model is Arnold Schwarzeneger. Dating from Canada, the 17th summer Tessa Barresi is one of them. The girl started challenging workouts at the gym two years ago and now regularly starts in competitions for bodybuilders. No wonder the size of her muscles arouses awe. Tessa does not leave a single day of exercise and nothing is able to zdekoncentrować her.

It also carries a very healthy way of life as a teenager-do not katuje the diet, but it prepares meals without carbohydrates (some of them are not at all unhealthy), does not drink alcohol, and rarely goes to an exhaustive body of the event. It was appreciated by internet users-Tessa on his Instagram has 144 thousands of followers who scruple it every day to sculpt the silhouette with positive comments. The natural beauty of Barresi, which is not covered by makeup every day, is also not negligible.

Admittedly, bodybuilding can be controversial, in connection with often harmful supplements, about steroids on which you decide to be a professional affiliated with bodybuilding not to mention. For now, we admire denial and perseverance Tessy, like hundreds of thousands of internet users. This girl has the power, don’t you think?

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