What protein for women?

All protein powder for bodybuilding is not equal but what is certain is that they are essential for all sedentary or sports in minimum quantity to renew the stock of muscle protein and thus prevent muscle breakdown.

In athletes and bodybuilders these protein requirements are greatly increased by the practice of sports or intensive bodybuilding.  That’s why protein powder is now unavoidable whether for beginners or experienced practitioners.

To choose your bodybuilding protein we must take into account both your goal (muscle gain weight gain dry) and the type of it (isolate concentrate hydrolysate …) with its value  nutritional and its specificities of assimilation (whey casein beef soy egg peas …) without forgetting the taste of course.  To each his protein

What protein for women?

In this article we will see if the use of a protein when you are a woman is necessary how to choose it and why not go wrong.

Between feminine packaging and protein composition marketing?

You’ve all seen ladies these beautiful jars of protein with more feminine colors and you certainly say that a pink pot seems more appropriate than a black pot?

The manufacturers play on the packaging to make you lean towards one product rather than another be sure but look rather in the composition instead of looking at the color of the pot of prot ..

To clarify know that the most important factors to take into account if you want to tone while losing cellulite and weight are

  • The carbohydrate content and the sugar content of it a good whey protein (the most common form) will generally consist of 4 to 8% carbohydrates and 2 to 4% sugar only.
  • The percentage of protein concentration again the proportions of pure protein should be around 70%.  Above you start targeting very good quality below your female protein starts to be limited.
  • The quality of the protein All these pretty jars do not contain the same source of protein.  The most basic form is soy protein followed by the whey protein then a more advanced form of whey ie concentrated whey (even more dosed) to finish the protein isolate or  even higher the protein hydrolyzate (which we do not really recommend for its generally too bitter taste).  Classified separately we also have beef protein interesting for its source that is not derived from milk and therefore without lactose and the weight protein also called Vegan protein.  Both have the advantage of avoiding milk as a manufacturing source and are of very good quality.  Their taste on the other hand can sometimes embarrass some.

To say that a protein powder is more for a woman than a man is like saying that a piece of chicken should be better eaten by a man than a woman.

By and large Depending on the source of protein a woman should instead turn to a concentrated whey if her goal is to tone up and increase her protein intake every day see a Whey Isolate if she really wants to minimize carbohydrate intake and  promote weight loss.  These 2 types of protein contain all the amino acids and Bcaa needed to gain muscle.

Proteins called “meal replacements”

Ranked in a special category proteins containing a set of nutrients such as DIET FUEL WHEY are particularly useful to replace a full meal during the day by their rich content of good lipids carbohydrates and proteins.

These meal replacements should not systematically replace a healthy diet but can be taken in the morning for example or just after training or the time to rebuild glycogen stores and repair the destroyed muscle fibers is at its peak.  In general we recommend them to women who are struggling to gain weight and who seek to supplement their protein nutrition with a good source of protein-rich foods.

Advice and advice on choosing a protein for women

Now that you have more knowledge to determine if a protein is quality or if the packaging is all the price how to choose the right protein for a woman in bodybuilding?

Above all set your physical goal!

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