KATE SIMON Natural Bikini Athlete – PASSION

KATE SIMON Natural Bikini Athlete - PASSION

Someone asked me yesterday how I connected what I’m passionate about. It caught me off guard because I always knew how to identify passion when I feel it, but didn’t really have an easy answer as for how to go looking for it in your life if you’re feeling void of passion. I thought more about it came up with this:

KATE SIMON Natural Bikini Athlete

For me, had to stop making myself wrong for NOT feeling passion towards the certain things that i thought i *should*, or maybe have out grown or whatever, and start really listening to my mind when it wanders to different topics that truly interest me…and actually give myself permission to explore those things, regardless of what it might look like on the outside. For instance,What did I find myself interested in reading about? What content fills my Instagram feed? What quotes got me feeling inspired? Which authors do I love to read? What is that one thing I’m always looking forward to doing on the weekends or when I get home from work? What do I find myself wanting to tell my friends about? I asked myself countless questions to really get to the bottom of knowing myself better, inside and out.

KATE SIMON Natural Bikini Athlete

The thoughts that come to our minds day after day day aren’t distractions. Just because you can’t see a clear cut path to making them a reality does not discount their importance to your life. They aren’t just minor musings or just thoughts floating by like clouds in your mind. They are gentle reminders of who you are, and what you’d naturally excel at, when you’re ready.

KATE SIMON Natural Bikini Athlete

Pay attention to where your mind goes when the rest of your life is quiet. That is your passion. And once you find it, work tirelessly to defend its place in your life and start saying YES to the opportunities that arise surrounding the things you’re passionate about.

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