Erotic massage reduces the risk of heart disease?

Usually, people choose massage therapy when they need to obtain pain relief, or just for a state of relaxation and well-being. As it is scientifically proven, massages have a lot of benefits:

  • They relieve pain from joints and muscles.
  • They improve flexibility and body posture.
  • They improve blood circulation.
  • Generally, they offer mental and physical relaxation.

It’s no surprise that all these benefits combined result into reducing the risk of disease appearance, including heart diseases. What about the massages one can get at an erotic massage salon? Does an erotic massage have the same effect?

Generally, massage is a kind of therapy that consists in applying pressure on certain areas of the body, in order to relieve pain, tension and stress. Erotic massage raises the stakes though, extending the areas that are massaged, including the sexual ones. Usually, the neck, the back and the shoulders are known as the main areas that accumulate stress. It’s really important to release this stress, but the sexual areas of the body mustn’t be forgotten. Sexual frustration has a significant effect on mood, as it is well known.

There is a connection between erotic massage and reduced risk of heart condition, and we’ll explain it. For an erotic massage all the same techniques as in normal massages are used, and the body benefits the same way. As erotic massage includes also the sexual areas, disregarded in normal massage therapy, so the benefits are extended.

In the same manner as usual massage therapy, erotic massages help with reducing the risks of heart diseases by stimulating blood circulation. The techniques that are used, the motions and the various degrees of pressure applied ensure that the blood flows freely throughout the whole body. By this, cells receive the nutrients they need, dispose of the residual products and also the likelihood of clot formation is reduced. All of these aspects are potential causes or amplifiers of heart conditions, so YES, erotic massage is able to help with reducing the risk of heart diseases.

From a different point of view, massage is the perfect way to relax. As the sexual areas of the body aren’t omitted, erotic massage becomes even more relaxing. The relaxation state translates into reduced anxiety and stress, directly resulting into lower blood pressure.

Taking all of the above into consideration, it’s not wrong to say that erotic massage reduces the risk of heart diseases. When anxiety is out of the way and the receiver of the massage obtains full body and mind relaxation, the state of well-being installs. Better blood circulation and lowered blood pressure both reduce the risk of heart disease appearance.

Certainly, regular sessions of erotic massage bring benefits both physically and mentally, with the bonus of pleasure included. So, there is no reason for you to postpone your visit at an erotic massage salon. If you need a recommendation, we suggest Artemis Masaj in Bucharest.

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  1. The greatest benefit is stres release. This i my opinion

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