Some things about tantric massage

A common misconception puts the equality mark between erotic and tantric massages. Quite far from the truth, though. Tantric massage actually implies much more than regular erotic massages. It refers to a massage procedure that is highly associated with a sensual touch, but its focus isn’t exclusively targeted on sensual pleasure – the usage of tantric practices involves much more than that.

Tantric massage is all about stimulating the body’s most underestimated sexual organ through the use of sensual touch – it’s the skin we’re talking about here. The techniques involve the stimulation of the nerve endings that are found all throughout the skin’s surface. By using different massage practices such as long strokes and skin kneading, along with a smooth relaxing music and aromatherapy, the entire body is erotically stimulated. This type of massage even offers freedom of choice: one can benefit of it either in a professional massage parlor or in the comfort of his own home.

What does erotic massage involve

The most common misconception about tantric massage is that it implies sexual intercourse. This belief is wrong though, as tantric massage doesn’t involve penetrative sex at all. One fact we must agree on is that it has a lot of sensuality, as the name itself suggests.

This type of massage has a maximum effect when it is carried out with both the masseuse and the receiver fully nude. In that way, all the erotic zones of the body are pampered and spoiled in the most sensual way and most of the time the result is nothing else but pure, orgasmic pleasure. Nudity has its well-defined role in all this equation: it aids the masseuse in transferring sensuality to the receiver’s body.

The good news is that it’s not compulsory to go to a massage parlor in order to receive a tantric massage. There are lots of videos and info on the internet and with a little research one can practice it in the comfort of the bedroom, with the spouse.

Benefits of erotic tantric massage

Probably the most important benefit is the fact that sensual touches are very relaxing, both mentally and physically. Also, there are some other well-known advantages that apply to massage in general.

Either it’s tantric, erotic, Swedish or Thai massage, it helps with stimulating blood circulation in the entire body. Also, it releases tension from joints and muscles, that being something that helps alleviating stress. Overall, this creates a very happy mood and replenishes the energy reserves in the body.

Another benefit associated with tantric massage is the fact that it reduces blood pressure and by that it prevents any potential diseases caused by it.

Nevertheless, tantric massage is able to bring sexual healing to the receiver. By putting away the eventual inhibitions and by bringing fantasies to life, intimacy is brought to the next level. With all those benefits and with all the misconceptions left aside, there is no reason to ignore a tantric massage session. Regardless of where it will take place – in an erotic massage parlor or in the comfort of the bedroom, surely its benefits will overcome any prejudice.


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