The complex of exercises in a week

The complex of exercises in a week

Preserve not to lose.

1 week of workouts without fanaticism (stretched after birth, the belly can be turned into a flat stomach, and flabby legs-inflated)

  • lower abs 3 sets of 10 times
  • upper press 3 sets of 10 times
  • squats 3 sets of 10 times (one of them with the weight I squat with a child on the neck-10 kg)
  • stand on the blades 1 min
  • pressed from the prone position 2 sets of 15 times
  • lunges 2 sets of 8 times
  • wrap 3-5 minutes a day
  • bridge (30 sec-1 min)
  • supine exercise scissors (1-1,5 min.)
  • -bike lying on the back (head should be on weight and not on the floor)
  • lying on your side lift both legs simultaneously (5-8 times on each side)
  • exercise the cat with the bench press (focus on elbows)
  • jump rope 50-70 jumps
  • running in place as high as possible lifting your leg to the stomach
  • All exercises do in the morning, 30 minutes after drinking a glass of water with lemon. Breakfast an hour after workout.

On the night:

  • lower abs 10 times
  • upper press 10 times
  • relaxation of the back muscles on the ball with dots

To do 6 days — 7th day off.

Belly left-formed oblique muscles. Stretch marks after childbirth no. The thighs and calves becomes uprose, not the formation of cellulite. The chest also becomes more elastic.

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