10 things the coaches want you to know about bodybuilding

Whether you’re a fitness addict or you have decided you to bodybuilding, there are some things to know. Power, strength, wisdom…

10 things the coaches want you to know about bodybuilding

1. You won’t have a “male body”
Immediately stop this myth: strength training is not equal to manly, corpulent or male.

The truth is that women have different hormones than men. We do not produce as much testosterone, so it is harder for us to become very muscular.

If you want to be very strong, it takes more time, training and a special diet. It doesn’t happen unless you follow intensive training 3-4 times a week.

2. Strength training can help you lose weight faster combine weight training with cardio exercises is great for burning fat, especially with sessions of HIIT and circuit training.

Doing weight training and cardio to burn calories while developing your lean muscle mass. The muscle needs more oxygen to “live” and burn calories, even when you are resting. Women on average burn 100 extra calories in the 24 hours following the workout.

3. Vary the exercises to engage all muscles the positive with weight training, is that you can easily vary the series of fitness exercises.

You can vary the training from 8 to 10 repetitions, 10 to 12 and 15 to 20 repetitions. More repetitions, more cardio is going to play. Usually, exercises with low repetitions are performed for difficult exercises that work on the force. If your number of repetitions is right for you, try to vary the rhythm or tempo of each fiscal year. Wait 4 seconds between two movements, then 1 second or speed up to increase the power.

4. You must adapt your diet or diet to see results and avoid your metabolism to slow down, you have to change your diet and focus on protein-rich foods.

The fitness and cardio offer very different results. This is good news for many, because you need to increase your caloric intake for weight training exercises. Strength training helps speed up metabolism which will burn calories faster. But if you don’t feed properly, metabolism will slow down! This can stagnate your weight and your lean mass decision-making.

5. You’ll feel stronger more long strength does not concern only the appearance. Lifting weights has a positive impact on your health and on your bones and can prevent health problems later.

One of the effects of aging is the estrogen loss in the body, which can affect bone density and cause osteoporosis (weakening of the bones leading to a risk of fractures) in the long term. Strength training helps prevent, maintain and improve bone density which can reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis later.

6. Do not focus on one area of your body change in fitness exercises is the key to a good workout! It is crucial to focus strength on the whole body rather than specific areas to avoid muscular imbalance. Working the entire body, you will see positive results.

Do not focus on one area of your body change in fitness exercises is the key to a good

Currently, there is a tendency which consists in having a buttocks bigger and well sculpted and quite skinny and muscular legs. By working only on these areas, you may hurt you.

7. The warm-up is essential before a strength training session will never be repeated enough: warm up before a workout is essential.

The warm-ups are always extremely important before any exercise because they help prepare the body to what he is going to face and reduces the risk of injury.” This helps to increase the range of motion around the joints and improve your performance during the training.

8. you need not to have bad to make the training effective body aches or muscle pain of delayed onset (DOM) are not the confirmation of a successful training and may even indicate the opposite.

The coaches often hear”I want to be able to feel my muscles work”. Weight training results in the degradation of muscle tissue and after training, the body works to repair the muscle and reinforces, resulting in muscle growth.

Pain does not necessarily indicate the muscle growth. This can also be due to other factors such as lack of sleep, feeding, the change in routine exercises and rehearsals, etc. Emma Frain also States that this may be the result of a poorly performed exercise.

9. you should refuel as soon as training is done Yes this is an excuse to eat as soon as you leave the gym!

“One of the best ways to recover quickly after an intense workout is to have something to eat. You have probably seen people in your gym with the shakers of proteins by hand. The optimum time after your workout to help muscle recovery is 20 to 30 minutes and a protein shaker is usually the fastest way to nourish your body. Of course, there are alternatives such as lean protein like chicken or fatty fish but after large sessions it is sometimes difficult to digest these foods.”

Don’t forget your shaker or your afternoon snack!

10. The days of rest are very important in fitness it is important not to be too strict with yourself and to have off moments.

You are not obliged to make a total break if you want to do a little exercise. But prefer soft gym or stretching exercises.

The days of rest are essential for good performance and for muscle growth. Your body needs to recover between each session. Otherwise this can lead to harmful overtraining for your sleep, your immunity and your health.

The days of rest are very important in fitness it is important not to be too strict with yourself and to have off moments

Indeed, overtraining and fatigue can result in a lack of motivation to go to the gym. The most important thing is to listen to your body!

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