Coreea de Nord in FINALA Campionatului Mondial din Brazilia!

Comunismul din Coreea de Nord este incredibil! Manipuleaza cu nerusinare! Un post TV a anuntat ca echipa nationala a ajuns in finala Campionatului Mondial din Brazila, cu toate ca acestia nu au fost calificati nici macar in grupe. Pentru a da impresia ca tara pe care o conduce dupa moartea tatalui sau este mai puternica decat a fost vreodata, liderul ...

All winners of the World Cup

All winners of the World Cup from beginning 1930 until ... yesterday 2014.

“Me & Rihanna” – Özil via instagram

"Me & Rihanna" - Özil via instagram

Goodbye World Cup 2014

As we all know, FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil ended. Congratulation to Germany to be crown as the World Cup champions. In the final between two former champions Argentina and Germany, Germany won the title by defeating Argentina 1–0 after extra time, thus becoming the first European team to win a World Cup in the Americas.

Germany won the World Cup 2014 Brasil

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The truth about World Cup Brazil 2014

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Germany supporters during World Cup 2014 group stage

‘Germany’ supporters celebrate the victory against ‘Portugal’ (4-0) – 16.6.2014 845 total views, no views today

French supporters during World Cup 2014 group stage

French supporters during World Cup 2014 group stage 958 total views, no views today

World Cup Brazil 2014 supporters

Suportere in tribunele din Brazilia la Campionatul Mondial de Fotbal 2014 What would be the football without the beauty and delicacy of the girls? 967 total views, no views today

Fans get bitten by Suarez

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Best fans on the South Korea vs Belgium

Las mejores imágenes en la Copa del Mundo FIFA Brasil 2014 Clicks en el Grupo H del Mundial Brasil 2014: Los mejores fans en el Corea del Sur vs Bélgica Best images in the FIFA World Cup Brazil 2014 Clicks in the Group H of the Brazil 2014 World Cup: Best fans on the South Korea vs Belgium 643 total views, no views today

Stadioanele Cupei Mondiale Russia 2018

Iata clipul de prezentare Russia 2018 si Stadioanele Cupei Mondiale 2018. Nu faceti va rog nici o comparatie Rusia cu Romania… 1,333 total views, no views today

Canal Parade to the Netherlands

Netherlands may be lost from the Spanish in the World Cup final, but still they were greeted like heroes. A parade was provided by its supporters to welcome their return. Perform relatively well throughout the tournament, the Dutch finally submit in the face of Spain at the top of the party. Andres Iniesta’s goal in 116 minutes of interrupted ...

Netherlands 0-1 Spain: Iniesta scored, Heitinga red-card

Spain eventually become the new champion at the World Cup after beating the Netherlands 1-0 in the final. Single goal victory of Team Matador was scored by Andres Iniesta. Spanish for the first time World champion after overcoming the Netherlands 1-0 at Soccer City, Johannesburg, Sunday (07/11/2010) . Iniesta ensure the victory of Spain over the tally ...